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Jan. 1st, 2017 05:00 pm
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Hey to whoever's reading this: I made my 2017 resolution to remake my DW and actually use it! My last two were ugly messes, even though I almost always only used them for dear creator letters. I want to use this journal to participate more in DW fandom. I got burned out from tumblr and twitter, so I feel like putting my crap somewhere would be appropriate, but not in a place everyone can easily see. This way, only people who go out of their way to check can be bothered by junk. (This also forces me to relearn and actually remember some very basic html.)

Fandoms, Ships, and Fannish Interests

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May. 23rd, 2017 09:19 pm
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Here are all the fics I've made on Dreamwidth (which will probably be posted to ao3 later). This will be updated as I write other fics.

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This is a dear creator letter for Femslash Ex 2017. The requested fandoms are: Bravely Default, Haikyuu!!, Boku no Hero Academia, Izetta the Last Witch, RWBY, Magical Girl Raising Project.

Coming soon!


Aug. 11th, 2017 05:11 pm
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Recently I managed to cut my WIP list down to the ones I really want to write. The rest got scrapped and chucked into the abyss (my Evernote account; it has 2k+ notes so it pretty much is an abyss). There's nothing that gets me going and motivated like publicly proclaiming I'm going to write something, so I've decided to publish my WIP list as a DW post so I'm encouraged to write according to my public intentions. Can't back down now, can I?

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Nothing much is happening IRL; my summer job ends this Friday, school starts the 22nd, I've started reading some new manga, and summer gacha in Granblue Fantasy is ending soon.

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This is a dear creator letter for Fandom Growth Exchange 2017. The requested fandoms are: BIRDMEN, Bravely Default, Granblue Fantasy, Re:Creators, Starmyu, Boku no Hero Academia, Magical Girl Raising Project, 7th Dragon, Stella Glow, and WorldEnd.

Coming soon!
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I have yet to actually play FE Echoes, but I intend to. Thankfully, after so much time, my memory of Gaiden has shriveled up, so this remake came at a great time. In the mean time I've fallen in love with the song Heritors of Arcadia.

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Today, apparently, there was a glitch on amazon prime where several PS4 video games were temporarily $13 or $7 (including the new Crash trilogy, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and KH 1.5+2.5). My sister and I tried doing it, but she took so long coming online to talk (since we're on opposite sides of the US right now) that we actually lost out on the deal. Too bad. I'm not exactly complaining since I already have Crash, the original KH games instead of the remixes/remastered ones, and a bunch of other games, but I'm still pretty out of the loop on newer KH content so that would've been nice. I heard several other things were ridiculously cheap today (probably also via glitch) but my desire for material goods is so low nowadays that I can't bring myself to care about anything other than niche hard to find merch and video games I already have.
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Part of me wants to write a (locked) DW post on why I suddenly deleted my twitter last year, and how I started feeling uneasy with Haikyuu!! as a fandom, but before that, I want to think out loud about what I feel right now in my current fandoms.

Granblue fantasy fandom is a little strange in a friendly way. Since it’s a popular game, most fandom interaction is right there in the game, but there’s not competition in the traditional sense. The only real competition and relative rankings come in the form of guild wars/“Unite and Fight” which happens once every couple months, and lasts a few days. It’s what it sounds like: guilds compete against each other. Each guild fights monsters for points, and the guilds with the most points proceed to the real competition, where guilds are sorted into tiers and compete one-on-one to beat each other in points.

That’s the competitive part of the game. Outside of UnF each raid battle has some slight competitive action, too, but unless you’re trying to be MVP/Vice for rewards, you’re going to want to cooperate with others, or just give it your all. It depends on the raid and what rewards are given. I’ve already gone through a couple guilds (AKA crews) that didn’t do much for me, but now that I’m in a good guild, the idea is to come together at strike times (2 hours a day at most) to help each other in important raids. People talk in raid chats, but also in crew chats and on user profile message boards. Because the competition isn’t directly fighting each other, it feels friendlier than other online gaming I’ve done in the past, like pokémon showdown, although most gbf players are actually Japanese, and not all of them speak English, so if you want to communicate with them quickly in a raid you’re stuck with using stickers.

The point is that this feels way friendlier than other fandoms I’ve been in. Most engagement has nothing to do with fics/art/etc, just farming/grinding/working in crews, and so far I haven’t seen real problems (outside of a problem I had with one of my guilds, but even then it was a REALLY minor problem). Everyone’s just too busy grinding/farming to discourse/complain about anything. The English players I’ve met have been really nice, and I’ve also tried being helpful towards newbies/low ranked players since I’m already strong enough to not be an amateur anymore.

(I should also mention that this game has gacha, which, now that I think about it, DOES come with some salt here and there if you have amazingly good/bad luck.)

I have a ton of femslash ships, and there’s so many characters that shipping is a pretty easy deal. No one fights over them from what I see. I do write fic, but I haven’t felt any ideas for longish fics, so I don’t have any real pressure to do that many yet.

Speaking of fighting, though, I’ve come to realize a very sad thing. I’m not good at arguing. No matter how much education has, at various points in my life, tried to teach me how to argue, I can’t. (I only recently discovered I have autism, which is something that would’ve been helpful to know early in life, but at least I know now that that’s a problem). After last year, I’ve decided to withdraw and never engage in fandom discourse again since I can’t defend myself, get my ideas across, or understand people well enough to communicate like that. It’s the sad disabled truth, and it’s happened IRL; last year I had some problems with a professor, and I couldn’t defend myself. Even after he vaguely threatened to kick me out of the class because of my disability, I couldn’t defend myself or properly explain this to disability services, so nothing really happened (except being stuck with a professor I was terrified of, and for the entire semester). I had to explain in detail everything about the problem, and not only is my memory bad, I also just lack the foundation of basic social comprehension skills, and my professor got to sit there in person (every time I had to speak with disabilities) and argue down everything I said.

What’s really sad is that this makes me realize mentally disabled/autistic people probably don’t get to contribute to a lot of important discourse/social justice discussions/etc, even if it’s about us. It also means that I’m always going to be struggling with talking to disabilities for the rest of my life, since I can’t anticipate needs well until something’s already happened, and disability services usually go "oh that’s too bad. :/// let us know in advance next time” when I usually can’t. If I can contribute to anything, it’s usually being vague (and unhelpful), and I’m pretty terrible at understanding and verbalizing what I need, especially when it comes to accommodations. Nowadays I’ve just accepted it, and focus instead on what I can do, like reporting/criticizing shitty doctors and deleting rude comments (with a reply kicking them in the pants, of course, since they get the email on ao3 whether the thread’s deleted or not). I have no idea what this’ll mean when it comes to jobs, but after I became disabled I already dropped things I could no longer do, so I guess now I pick from the things that’re left and hope for the best. Fortunately I’ve met a lot of disabled people IRL who’re grad students and beyond, and that’s at least a little inspiring.

So anyway. In the past I’ve tried to approach problems/discourse/etc with level headed discussion but I’m not going to anymore, I’m just going to ignore it. There really is no way of doing anything in complicated discussion that won’t put me at a disadvantage.

On the flip side, I’m now trying to commit to writing disabled characters. And not just disability-coded characters that only I know are disabled, I mean truly, disabled. I don’t know why I’m still hesitant to this day about writing it. Maybe it's because I still feel uneasy with my disabled identity? After all the crap I've gotten from doctors I suppose it's no surprise I'm emotionally confused, but I still wish i wasn't. This isn't the post to go into disability identity though so I'm cutting off that train of thought. Anyway, I've had ideas for disabled characters (not OCs), but in the beginning they were things like "Shirabu is a dormant dragon living in uni and once his wings come in he basically has fibro symptoms/bone problems" but that's still weirdly hesitant with only my foot in the water. I want to do longfics with disabled characters! If people get to tell their stories about queer characters I should get to do it too (I'm queer too but disability is usually in the forefront of my mind since that affects me every second). I probably won't get much attention but I've been that way since the start.

I don't know what to do with autistic characters, though. I've been writing a couple characters as autistic for a long time now but I haven't bothered to tag it or make it explicit. Should I? It feels weird too, like going through my fics and tagging almost all of them with fluff since they're already fluffy and deserve the tag (except weirder).

With regards to Haikyuu!!, I also still don't know what I feel. I'm definitely exasperated at the fandom, but after like a year of avoiding fandom interaction because of deleting twitter/virtually abandoning tumblr, I don't feel particularly exhausted anymore. Just annoyed and exasperated. I'm too attached to two characters (Shirabu and Ushijima) to want to give them up just because of people. So I'm writing and uploading, but not reading as much as I used to. Which feels rude, but I'm still doing my best while avoiding potential explosions (and which is still impressive because I'm mentally disabled, after all, and reading/writing is much harder for me, and I could just be sleeping even more or watching TV). In the past I was definitely exhausted, and sometimes I felt like I was eternally pissed off.

I’m putting a rambly rant under a cut. )

I've noticed, though, that still participating in fandom is worth it. When I became disabled and went on a health leave, I didn't know what I would do. I had to drop the pre-med track and music. Before I was disabled I pushed myself academically and tethered my life to it, and after, I couldn't keep doing that while keeping the same grades. I had to give up on being academically optimistic and settle for realistic. Fanfic/writing gave me something to hold on to, I think. I didn't feel a sense of loss going from intense schoolwork to writing. I didn't feel stressed like I need to be productive and can't sit still, because fanfic gave me a feeling of productivity. That wasn’t much of a concern anyway, but it really did help with the sense of loss, at least.

Nowadays I'm very comfortable with setting my own pace for work, since I've already been doing it for so long with writing. And I mean work in general, including schoolwork. I'm also more comfortable leaving things undone because there's too much on my plate; I can return to it later when I not only have the time, but also the right frame of mind, clear head without fogginess, and literary tools (new words fresh in my words, ambient poetry, etc) lingering in my head.

This doesn't change how I feel about criticism, though. It’s still stupid and useless for the most part — and by “most part” I mean when a stranger tries to give some anonymous “advice.”

That brings me to my next point: my academic writing skills haven’t gotten any better. I think they’ve gotten worse, even. In hindsight, some things are just inevitable; it was probably pointless writing papers on certain topics when it would just go over my professors’ heads — once in musicology, I wrote a review of a book we had to read, and I pointed out the bad aspects where the book tried to sexualize disabled people (I can’t even begin to explain why this topic appeared in a book for musicology) and my professor disagreed. Not only is it almost impossible for me to argue like I said earlier, but it’s also pretty impossible to talk about disability for a grade when my professor is an able-bodied person that doesn’t agree, and her word is final. Sometimes it’s stupefying how a professor’s word can be final; like I also said earlier, a professor threatened to throw me out of a class for being disabled, and when I tried to talk about my disability, he’d just say “no” and disagree, and I felt completely helpless without being able to add anything because all I could do was just repeat myself. And the rest of the academic papers I’ve had to write over the past year have been lab reports or scientific things, and I still feel like I didn’t get the grades I deserved, so I have no hope/enjoyment of lab reports/papers of any kind and therefore no prospects for what I want for a job, but that’s another lengthy uncomfortable topic for some other day.

So “I love to write and actually enjoy it, but my skill happens in a way that makes it completely useless” sums me up pretty well.
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This is a dear creator letter for AU Exchange 2017. The requested fandoms are: Haikyuu!!, Magical Girl Raising Project, Bravely Default, Little Witch Academia, and Pokémon.

Coming soon!

Scratch that, my sign up has been deleted for being unable to be matched to anyone.
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This is a dear creator letter for Press Start - The 3rd Birthday. The requested fandoms are: Bravely Default, Granblue Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Star Fox, Stella Glow, Fate/Grand Order, Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, Pokémon, and Winterbells.
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I forgot to mention this on the day of FGO's English release, but I downloaded it! Today I got my first 5 star (Altria Pendragon) and I finally feel accomplished about the game.

If anyone's heard about the translation -- yeah, the prologue's translation was abominable. Singularity 1 has some errors too, but not nearly as bad. (According to a panel at AX, the translation team only had 2 or 3 people, so type moon really didn't bother to care, they just wanted to hurry and release it by the start of AX as quickly and cheaply as possible.) Singularity 1's dialogue is pretty enjoyable, except for a few weird and embarrassing lines (Marie Antoinette saying "Whassup homies!" was...I don't know how to explain the experience. Even if you know nothing about her except for European history, it still doesn't sound like something she'd say). I don't want to give any spoilers, so I won't gripe about a plot point that's killing me...I might just write a fix-it fic sometime instead.

Here are all my game friend codes if anyone's interested:

3DS: 2964-8608-7163
Fire Emblem Heroes: 0019940130.
Granblue Fantasy: 15064872. (I'm most active here!)
Fate/Grand Order: 283,759,237.

My name's Rowena on all platforms. I'm interested in deresute too since I have all the girls now on gbf (from crossover events), but I'll probably take forever to try the game. I deleted enstars after a day. I might get into Princess Connect when it comes out. And I've thought about trying tsukipara, but I read translations for the moment (Arata's always been my favorite). I'm really interested in mobages focused on girls (I absolutely love the ones in gbf -- not that that one's exclusively focused on girls, but this is the series that's made me really fall in love with the female characters), but out of all mobages in existence, I think the only one I wouldn't want to try is love live. The English fandom is so gigantic that it's daunting, and I've seen too much drama to want to play; I've already had my feelings turn sour about it because of people (honestly the same is sort of happening to enstars for me).
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I've had this yuletide dear creator letter saved for a long time since I've admired it for how structured and organized it is. I'm absolutely terrible with html, and searching online for help with learning html just brings up complicated stuff that's not friendly to beginners, and it goes over my head. And when I find html guides in simple terms, they only list the absolute basics that I already know, so it's not helpful either. So I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on learning html (relevant to the letter I linked)? Or just offering some code that shows up in the letter would be fine, really. I don't even think I know how to make bullet-point lists properly; they never show up right to me.
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In health related news, my bones are getting better! I don't actually feel better, but apparently, my bones are better. I also got a part time job doing research in a lab for the summer, so that takes up some of my time. I don’t know if I should count previous stuff as jobs, since they were unpaid internships and being a pollworker for one day a year, so I’ll say this is my first job. I work in a research lab studying plants. Thankfully I get to have flexible hours which is really nice with my disability.

Earlier I wrote my feelings/meta on some of the anime I'm currently watching, so I should probably post it here at DW before I forget. I'm also trying to reorganize some of my DW pages for ships, and eventually I want to post a page of WIPs (posting it in a public place will at least kick my butt in gear, right?), events/comms I participate in, and things for worldbuilding june. After I learn more basic html I'll probably just reorganize everything again, but I should still do this.

I’m currently watching Clockwork Planet, Boku no Hero Academia season 2, Granblue Fantasy, Hinako Note, SukaSuka (the name is super long so I can’t remember it, but it has to do with humans wiped out of existence), Re:Creators, Silver Guardian, Starmyu season 2, and Little Witch Academia.

Clockwork Planet. The main character, Naoto, gets on my nerves a lot. He’s a generic male protag who’s also supposedly a genius, but he did nothing to earn that. He was just born with something that makes him superior to others. He’s also set up to be an outcast because of the skill despite it making him superior, and he’s also a pervy comic-relief guy who makes bad comments about women — except only about automata women (robotic women). What caught my eye about this is the premise/worldbuilding: a world where the whole world is made out of gears. I won’t spoil anything, but I find the worldbuilding amazing. I think this genre is called clockpunk? I don’t know much about punk but I really should read some steampunk books, I’ve been meaning to (feel free to rec any books). Anyway, the setting and plot are great, especially the episode that recently aired this week. Some of the stuff makes no sense in a thought-provoking way that I love. Also, I love the secondary protag, Marie, a young girl who is a second genius (and in my opinion, the real genius of the series). And of course, I ship her with an automata. I have an AU where Naoto doesn’t exist, so Marie is the main protag, and she earns the trust of automata RyuZU instead of Naoto (this isn’t really a spoiler; Naoto finding RyuZU is discussed in most summaries of the series). While this AU undoes a lot of the thematic greatness I love about Clockwork Planet, some of that theme is already undone by the weakness of Naoto’s flat character in canon (the complementary style of Naoto + Marie is cool but Naoto himself ruins it somehow). Enough of personal hcs, though. I also really like RyuZU, and I don’t find her as tropey/tsundere as a lot of people might think she is. I find her personality unique. Marie’s might be closer to tropey, but I still love her since she earned her strength and merits, and I also think the way she acts in a lot of situations is realistic. I tried reading the manga, but translations don’t go very far, so the anime is already ahead of the translations.

Boku no Hero Academia. I’m almost caught up on the manga, so I knew what to expect coming into the anime. Since I already experienced the novelty of the content, I don’t have much to say. Except that I’m very, very happy to see Tokoyami animated. I didn’t expect Dark Shadow to have such a deep voice, but I’m still pleased either way. The fandom exploded, and I prefer avoiding big fandoms now (I’m stuck in Haikyuu!! since I’m too invested, but I don’t want a repeat of the problems I have with comments/harrassment in writing fic for it), but I did write gen character studies of Tokoyami and Uraraka (before this season aired) (and I’m very proud of both). I’ve actively tried to stifle my feelings for ships, so I don’t have any thoughts/etc on m/m ships, but I /do/ care about femslash.

Granblue Fantasy. Oh, Granblue Fantasy. I’ve been playing the game since February, and I’ve been pretty hardcore, too; despite only starting in February, I’m now already close to rank 90. Soon, hopefully, I’ll be HL (high level — above rank 100). Currently I’m in the middle of magnafes hell (and god do I mean hell, it's grueling because I'm pushing myself to quickly reach HL), which lasts until June 21 (all quests are AP half off, and some are even 0 AP, so it’s prime time for farming/grinding) and also Cinderella Girls event hell (there’s an event crossover right now with Cinderella Girls, which has now also convinced me to try playing it, or at least watch the anime). Even though I write a lot for Haikyuu!!, gbf is what’s been on my mind lately most of the time, since most of my time is now spent playing it, so I like to tell myself that gbf is now my main fandom. I write for it, and have a lot of ships already. I don’t have any long fic ideas, but currently I’m in love with shortfics, so that’s not a problem. Anyway the anime is pretty good so far; the plot doesn’t completely stick with the game story, but it does so in a way that I approve of. The anime skips on some stuff but elaborates on the stuff it does focus on, and in ways that flesh out events/world/characters nicely. Recently though it’s gone a little out of order, which does bug a lot of people, including me. I’m also not a fan of Gran being the protag (the game has two protags to choose from: Gran, male, and Djeeta, female). Since Gran is the protag in the anime, Gran/Lyria has been pushed pretty hard, and I prefer Djeeta/Lyria. Don’t get me wrong, I do ship het in the game, but not with Lyria. I really really prefer femslash with her.

Hinako Note. I haven’t watched in a while, but I liked what I saw so far: cute shy girl has trouble speaking, but animals love her, and birds follow her around. I heard later episodes get fanservicey, which is why I haven’t updated yet.

SukaSuka. I love LOVE the setting and character development in this series. I intend to read it when I get the chance (I think they’re light novels?). I am not a fan of Ctholly/Willem, I prefer her with Ithea (for reasons that would spoil the series), but I still enjoy the canon ship. Their connection is very important to the plot because of fantasy elements relevant to their…complementary natures I guess. So, Naoto and Marie thematic relationship done correctly (regardless of romance), except Ctholly and Willem are not so complementary that they complete each other’s weaknesses and strengths. I love this series so much I might write up a post just on this later to talk about what I want to explore in the world/canon, and maybe in fic. If I do write fic, it’ll be either gen or femslash.

Re:Creators. This is an anime-exclusive show as far as I know, and while the first episode is kinda cliché and handled a bit weird, the rest isn’t. This show is amazing, too, in my opinion. This show explores the possibility of characters of stories coming to life and meeting their creators, and while I think this premise has potential to be mishandled, this show handles it well. I think this hits the nail on the head when it comes to the exploration of human nature and thematic possibilities like SukaSuka. There is death (which is cliché IMO), but I tolerated it fine. I also want to try writing fic for this (maybe for yuletide?), again for either gen or femslash, but I’d want it to be more exploratory like the study of life that SukaSuka/Re:Creators canon is (I’d also want SukaSuka fic to be that too tbh).

Silver Guardian. The anime sucks. Don’t bother watching unless you don’t care about whether stuff makes sense or not (or if you’re reading the source material). I started watching without a clue what was going on, but it was interesting (and frustratingly incomplete) enough that I decided to read the Chinese comic. The anime skips out on a lot of info, jumps around to the point of confusion, and each episode is only ~10 minutes, but since I’m watching alongside reading, it’s supplementary material that’s at least enjoyable. I think the comic is interesting in terms of plot and worldbuilding, but not on the level as the other anime I discussed above, and the comic also has a lot of fan service. The opening starts with a sex scene. The translation I found is also a bit hard to understand, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s interesting enough that the trouble is worth it to me.

Starmyu. This stands for Star High School Musical, I think. Anyway I’ve been into this since first season aired (another anime exclusive series afaik), so I’m fairly invested. And the second season has done a fantastic job of building off of what the first season did. First season dealt with building friendships between protag Hoshitani and his group of fellow idols-in-training, and the second season has built off those friendships into something very satisfying. Where in the first season everyone struggled with getting along, now the group is fully supportive of Hoshitani — to the point that it’s almost a harem. First season had one slightly (and up to interpretation) romantic scene (a male character makes some sort of confession to Hoshitani), and the second season is full of them. Characters declare their heartfelt feelings toward Hoshitani and give him gifts that were important to them — and are now important to him, too. It isn’t really a competition, either; no one in their group is jealous of anyone else’s actions or feelings toward him (outside the group though there is jealousy). When Hoshitani tries to convince someone to come out of their heartbrokenness, the entire group knows he’ll do it, and they say so affectionately; they even compare him to a god in a myth. For the most part, the show handles tension/teenage drama really realistically, too, even if the developments of their musical/acting/dancing skills aren’t realistic. While Hoshitani is a generic male protag with brown hair and no outstanding skill, the show makes it refreshing, and his normalcy is made unique in a way; it’s because of his ordinary-ness that he has a charm that attracts people (this is really hard to explain until you come across the episode in season 2 where Tengenji talks about mastering the flower; there, he describes it perfectly) (the “normalcy made unique” thing also appears a bit in another series I love, Magical Girl Raising Project, but I’ll probably do a post just on that some other day, since I really love that series). He knows what to say to make people come out of their shell, even if it isn’t comfortable to say/hear. He has awkward episodes that make me want to scream from secondhand embarrassment, but it also feels like an episode is never wasted on his character development. He is the Generic Protagonist trope done well. His relatable charm brings hearts, stories, and scripts to life. And other characters end up being supportive/“interpretatively romantic” with other characters, too, not just with Hoshitani; and it all gives the show a vibe of supportive atmosphere while accommodating the tension, arguments, and messiness of teenage life. Again, all of this is hard to explain until you walk into season 2, so if it sounds weird for me to be praising ordinariness…you’ll understand if you watch.

Little Witch Academia. I can tell by ratings that this show didn’t live up to the hype/expectations that it had from its OVAs. There are plot holes, debatable pacing issues, and other weird stuff…but I still love it. All I wanted was a female-centric show about girls living in a school of witchcraft and having friendships, and that’s what I got.
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This is a separate page just for my Haikyuu!! ships so my main page of fandoms/ships doesn't get messy. I'm too lazy to actually fill this page out right now.
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TThis is a separate page just for my Fire Emblem ships so my main page of fandoms/ships doesn't get messy. I'm too lazy to actually fill this page out right now.
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This is a separate page just for my Pokémon ships so my main page of fandoms/ships doesn't get messy. I'm too lazy to actually fill this page out right now.

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This is a dear creator letter for Rare Pair Fest 2017. The requested fandoms are: Bravely Default, Starmyu, Izetta the Last Witch, Magical Girl Raising Project, and Fire Emblem Awakening.

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People won't stop requesting stuff in comments on fics, or they keep saying fics are too short, and in the author's note of every fic I now tell people to stop doing that, and people STILL do it. People don't even read my replies telling them to stop. I'm running out of patience and have no idea what to do about this.

And it's not polite; there's a difference between suggesting someone would be happy if I wrote for a ship again/wrote a sequel, and flat out saying I should do it, like a demand. There's also a difference between suggesting I write an established relationship fic or something, and "it's unfortunate that there's no romance/confession here ://" (which I did get recently, almost the exact same wording but I can't remember exactly since I deleted it). I'm getting this so much that I want to explode. What gets me is that everyone clearly knows how to read, since they managed to get through the fic, but their reading skills disappear right after that before the A/N telling everyone to stop doing this (I had to go through every single fic and tack on an A/N. It took forever to do that, but now I feel like I need to do it again and just yell to stop commenting altogether).

I know this is just a vent post, but does anyone have any suggestions? I've had a comment mod wall up for a long time and it still doesn't deter people. And I don't want to delete everything or only host fics on dreamwidth or something, since there are a lot of decent people reading and they're the majority. But god, I am really running out of patience and kindness for dealing with this.
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Lately I've been in a short fic mood, so I've been reading and writing short fics (~less than 1k). I can't put into words how liberating it is going through my WIP list and crossing lots of fics off because I decided to go into writing with a different mindset: make everything as short as possible (a little bit of "get fics done no matter what" mindset thrown in too I guess). I still ended up with 1k+ fics here and there, but the point of the matter is, I'm finally getting stuff done. Not only does it feel productive, I'm getting rid of WIPs, so now I no longer feel like I'm drowning in WIPs and overwhelmed with how many I have.
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I'm not trying to dredge up the conversation on "who's more underappreciated: artists, or writers?" because that can be a one-upping nightmare, but one thing that I think can be talked about is the equivalent types of works between the two, and how they should be considered and regarded as much as their counterpart. I'm not saying they should be taken as strict clones of each other since it's still comparing apples and oranges, but maybe looking at them differently will inspire more/different appreciation than before.

For example:


Lots of people don't like the literary forms of them. In the published world people like them more, but I think that has a bit of a different frame than fanfiction WIPs (buying books in an unfinished series vs. a fic that is unfinished). One thing I saw someone say once is that an unfinished sketch is a lot like an unfinished fic, and that was the first thing that made me think about a lot of similarities between art and fic. I'm not an artist so I can't vouch for how it feels to have an in-progress sketch, but when I see artists post them to twitter/tumblr, I get a feeling that it's both similar and different from a fic WIP. Sometimes I can't tell if an art piece is unfinished or not, so I suppose lots of people are the same and get immense enjoyment from them, but they're still unfinished. I think that an unfinished sketch represents a different take on creation process from a fic WIP, too. I've never seen someone criticize an art piece for being unfinished, though, while I see that all the time for fics.

This is where everything turns to chickenscratch in my head. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that art can be unfinished yet still give people enjoyment as if it completes itself in its own way. This is probably because I'm not an artist, do not participate in that process of creation, and don't understand what goes into it. (Either way, though, I do love people's thoughts on their processes.)

Despite being a writer, I don't think even I completely know how I feel about my own WIPs. They're there, I come back to them when I want, and they'll always be there. Whereas unfinished art has its own quality that seems to complete itself to me, I think that fic composes itself in a way where each piece might be its own final product, and it's missing other pieces that make it whole. At least for me, whenever I upload a chapter, I do it with the intention that that chapter is finished and edited, and I don't worry about it anymore. I might return to it with extra touches after rereading it later, but the point is, it's finished. The rest of the fic is nonexistent, so in the context of pieces, it is not finished.

So when it comes to an "unfinished" work, I guess some of it comes down to how you value them and what side of them you value: an unwhole work with finished parts, or a whole work with all parts unfinished. (I'm writing this on the wing, by the way; I'm thinking on my fingertips).


We all know what redraws are: recreating a scene and reining it in under our own style. I've seen lots of artists redraw scenes, sometimes tweaking it to their liking. The fic version has no simple word to describe it, but it'd be something like this: re-depicting a scene, describing what you think is important, and tweaking it to your liking as well. I've read quite a bit of these fics, explorations on canon scenes, and I like them very much. Sometimes I think they can be considered character studies, depending on the situation. Maybe a scene has something that can be considered shippy, and a creator decides to bring that out. Or maybe someone sees an applicable side of magical realism to it. Either way, it's recreating a part of canon, and it's not tracing/copying every exact detail.

I don't really have much to say on this topic. I just wanted to bring these two similar phenomenons together because I think there's interesting consideration in understanding where they come from.

Ficlets and Doodles

I hesitate to say drabbles instead of ficlets because drabble has a strict definition of being exactly 100 words, and I respect that definition, but drabbles are also included under the subset of ficlets. For purpose of discussion, I consider ficlet as a fic that is considered small by the creator; as vague a definition as artists give to doodles. I once saw a tumblr post say that a doodle isn't necessarily a piece with minimal effort, but is something fun, indulgent, and takes little time to do (iirc; and op was an artist). So by categorizing an art piece as a doodle, an artist doesn't mean to degrade other artists by implying they can create "masterpieces" (in other creators' minds) with little effort, they simply mean it was fun and indulgent. Small. Relaxing.

I feel the same way with short fics. I really love them, and I don't necessarily think that there's less effort per unit time that goes into a ficlet as compared to when I write longer fics. Sometimes I plan out a plot for a longfic, do a lot of research, keep separate files of just notes and plot, etc., which is considerably more effort, but I don't that often.

Anyway, in my eyes, ficlets and doodles tend to revolve around one subject and make the focus almost completely about that. If a doodle is a picture of a sea, or a few plants, then I'd consider that an atmospheric piece. Same with a ficlet; if the focus is setting, then it's atmospheric. Here's what I love about fandom and fanworks: exclusively atmospheric works are an option! I think it'd be difficult to publish anything that is just about scenery and setting, but when it comes to fanworks, we know enough about characters that, even if it's not a character-driven work, the characters can serve as the background to atmosphere. This, I think, is what makes fandom perfect for dabbling in magic (in the literary sense!) and other fantastical settings.

If the focus is instead on a character(s), then the ficlet is character-driven and emphasizes something about them. I still consider that atmospheric sometimes, in a sense. If a character is taking a day off and is submerged in fluff, that strikes me as atmospheric. If there is a small plot (which is possible), then a condensed relay of events can happen. A doodle can be character-focused, too, and entirely on that character, with no background or plot (or if there is one, then it's usually a small plot point). Really, I think there is a lot that can be done with ficlets/doodles.

My point of all this is: there is no shame in doing the equivalent in one version of creation. If you're a writer, and you have WIPs, there is no shame in that; artists post their own versions of WIPs. You both did a lot of work, and you should be proud. If you're an artist, there is no shame in doodling pieces of characters in your spare time if it's what you love; lots of writers just do lots of ficlets of our favorite characters/ships, and even if it isn't obvious at a glance because it's impossible to enjoy fics at a glance (and also, looking at someone's ao3, I think, gives a different composite than the immediately available sensory information of a gallery of art on dA/tumblr), it does happen. And in general, if you're a writer/artist, there's no shame in treading boundaries of sketches/WIPs/lengths/effort/etc or doing something others might think is halfhearted.

And since I'm already on the topic of writers and artists, there is one more thing I'd like to add. I've seen lots of people say they wish they had as much support as artists, but one thing I saw an artist say that struck me was that they wished they had a branding and connection to their works and audiences that was more than a cursory glance. This artist felt that they couldn't really build something lasting to stick with people and linger in their heads when all it takes to enjoy art is a second of looking. Artists have the numbers, but not the depth; and writers have the depth, but not the numbers. So let this assure you that while there are things to be lost between mediums, there are also things to be gained.