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ideallyqualia ([personal profile] ideallyqualia) wrote2017-06-10 06:35 pm
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The Secret to Finally Finishing All My WIPs

Lately I've been in a short fic mood, so I've been reading and writing short fics (~less than 1k). I can't put into words how liberating it is going through my WIP list and crossing lots of fics off because I decided to go into writing with a different mindset: make everything as short as possible (a little bit of "get fics done no matter what" mindset thrown in too I guess). I still ended up with 1k+ fics here and there, but the point of the matter is, I'm finally getting stuff done. Not only does it feel productive, I'm getting rid of WIPs, so now I no longer feel like I'm drowning in WIPs and overwhelmed with how many I have.