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Comments: i'm losing my damn mind

People won't stop requesting stuff in comments on fics, or they keep saying fics are too short, and in the author's note of every fic I now tell people to stop doing that, and people STILL do it. People don't even read my replies telling them to stop. I'm running out of patience and have no idea what to do about this.

And it's not polite; there's a difference between suggesting someone would be happy if I wrote for a ship again/wrote a sequel, and flat out saying I should do it, like a demand. There's also a difference between suggesting I write an established relationship fic or something, and "it's unfortunate that there's no romance/confession here ://" (which I did get recently, almost the exact same wording but I can't remember exactly since I deleted it). I'm getting this so much that I want to explode. What gets me is that everyone clearly knows how to read, since they managed to get through the fic, but their reading skills disappear right after that before the A/N telling everyone to stop doing this (I had to go through every single fic and tack on an A/N. It took forever to do that, but now I feel like I need to do it again and just yell to stop commenting altogether).

I know this is just a vent post, but does anyone have any suggestions? I've had a comment mod wall up for a long time and it still doesn't deter people. And I don't want to delete everything or only host fics on dreamwidth or something, since there are a lot of decent people reading and they're the majority. But god, I am really running out of patience and kindness for dealing with this.
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Is it mostly happening on your HQ fics? I wonder if it being a big fandom brings out more bad eggs. I haven't really had this happen on my fics that I can recall, but I write in medium sized fandoms.
Maybe post your fics as chaptered, with ch. 1 being nothing but your author's notes in a large bold font, followed by 'Proceed by hitting next chapter only if you agree to these terms'? Ch. would be the fic proper, of course. That's all I can think of.
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Honestly, how rude! It's your story, where do they get off trying to dictate how it should go? I get the feeling some people have just completely forgotten how to talk to authors, now that comment culture's kind of dwindling (not that there weren't always people like that). I don't have any advice for dealing with it, I'm afraid... I'd probably just delete the comments and sulk. :(