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Rare Pair Fest 2017

This is a dear creator letter for Rare Pair Fest 2017. The requested fandoms are: Bravely Default, Starmyu, Izetta the Last Witch, Magical Girl Raising Project, and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Dear Writer,

Thank you for signing up for this exchange! We matched, so that means you have good taste. I'm easy to please, just stay away from my do not want list and I'll be happy. And to clarify if you're new to exchanges: you only have to pick one ship, you don't have to do all of them. Sorry that my dnw list is so long, but I want to be as specific as possible to avoid problems. Also, I apologize if I don't have prompts for every ship; that doesn't mean I'm less enthused about those ships! Some ships were just easy to prompt.

Do Not Want List (exceptions are stated in the specific fandom/ship sections below:

  • violence; death; serious injury (unless it's Magical Girl Raising Project or Izetta the Last Witch)
  • infidelity; jealousy; unrequited love
  • sexual content; discussion of asexuality/aromanticism
  • side ships; past ships
  • age gap. (Age swap is okay!) If it already exists in canon (i.e. a 4 yr gap, etc) then that's ok, but don't stretch gaps out to be bigger than canon.
  • anything related to outer space (includes Star Wars, Star Trek, Voltron, etc); sci-fi; drinking; drugs; tattoos; piercings; raves; rock concerts; disneyland.
  • fake dating
  • calling any char a mom, dad, parent figure, grandparent, etc whether or not it's a joke. Avoid family stuff. (unless it's Fire Emblem where characters canonically become parents/families)
  • truth or dare; spin the bottle
  • these specific AUs: police; fireman; teacher/parent or teacher/student (teacher/teacher or professor/professor would be great though!); pirate; dance; rock band; medical; A/B/O; office; military; sci-fi; friends with benefits; gang/mafia; punk; sugar daddy
  • if you choose to do an orchesta/ensemble AU: please don't make every character a violinist/cellist. I'd like wind instruments too.
  • chatfic. I actually love certain formats of chatfic but ah, I think it'll be easier to just avoid them altogether instead of explaining.
  • these specific crossover fusions: Pacific Rim; Tokyo Ghoul; Steven Universe; Attack on Titan

There're some technical things I want to avoid, please. I'm mentally disabled so some things make it a lot harder to read yet they're easy to avoid in writing:

  • if you're writing a fic that's long (more than 15k), please divide it into chapters
  • avoid italicizing entire paragraphs. It's hard to understand that. A few words at a time is fine.
  • using skins/styles that turn the text into different colors

General Likes:

  • pining where the older char is the one pining
  • relationship study; introspection
  • first dates
  • established relationship
  • anything related to snow; cold weather; rain; cloudy weather; neopets; birds; bunnies; lucid dreaming
  • alternate timeline; canon divergence
  • kissing lessons
  • gift giving little things, maybe spontaneously
  • anything involving devotion
  • long distance relationships (please try not to focus on how much the chars want to be physically next to each other to make out or touch each other; i'm really interested in how chars talk to each other about their day, what they send that reminds them of the other, personal thoughts they send that maybe they wouldn't be able to do in person, how they comfort e/o, how they're e/o's favorite person and they reassure the other abt it, getting nervous over phone calls, etc); long distance friendships that turn into relationships
  • magical realism; modern fantasy; nature magic
  • touch sensitivity
  • AUs: dragons (especially if one of them is the dragon somehow instead of just dragons being involved; doesn't matter if they shapeshift or not); god/mortal; angel/demon; angel/human; demon/human; royalty/servant; royalty/knight; knight/servant; Japanese mythology; idols; orchestra or marching band; superheroes; youkai
  • crossover fusions: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (death/violence is okay in this crossover; I'd prefer girl characters for this crossover); Bravely Default; Hatoful Boyfriend; Pokémon; Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Fates, Awakening, or Heroes); Harvest Moon; Rune Factory 4; Animal Crossing; Humanity Has Declined; Boku no Hero Academia; Cardcaptor Sakura; Granblue Fantasy (both of the following are good: either the characters literally living in that world, or just players in an MMORPG); Stella Glow; 7th Dragon III (death/violence is okay in this crossover); Magical Girl Raising Project (death/violence is okay in this crossover; I'd prefer girl characters for this crossover)
  • shapeshifting into birds

Request: Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
Requested ships: Edea Lee/Agnès Oblige, Magnolia Arch/Edea Lee, Janne Angard/Yew Geneolgia, Magnolia Arch/Agnès Oblige

I'd love any ships going shopping, spending time together alone, visiting Florem, or fighting together.

Agnès Oblige/Edea Lee:

Things I'd love for this ship: mermaid AU; magical girl AU; mutual pining (maybe during the time Agnés is held captive in Bravely Second, and Edea is trying to rescue her).

I would love for them to bond over a dinner, eating food and maybe they’re on a date but they don’t realize it. Or they both secretly have trouble with guys and don’t have attraction to them but realize that they’re attracted to each other? I’d also really love to see fluff between them, especially in the snow or sitting inside when it’s raining. Or them in Florem, exploring and looking at pretty flowers and wares, considering buying things for each other, and thinking the other is beautiful.

Or comfort between them. Edea has issues from her family, which should make her clash with Agnés if she had stayed behind with her parents, but now that they’re friends maybe Edea feels bad about her family’s values? Or something else about the whole concept of traveling between worlds and their other selves dying and stuff; maybe that gets too existential for one of them, it scares them and they don’t know how they feel or what to do about the future, and the other comforts them.

Another good comfort topic would be Agnés finding out Airy is actually evil. She’s shocked that her close friend is really not on her side at all, and Edea gets defensive and tells Agnés it’s not her fault, and Edea turns to Airy and gets mad.

Edea Lee/Magnolia Arch:

Things I'd love for this ship: Instead of Yew giving Magnolia the flower and accidentally proposing, Edea gives it to her; mermaid AU; magical girl AU.


Tiz is a shy country boy, but I love seeing Ringabel reconciling the romantic experience between them—or trying. There was a scene between Ringabel and Edea where Ringabel tried to flirt, and when Edea pretended it went somewhere, he got flustered and backed off. I could see Tiz developing a crush on Ringabel and getting frustrated with how much he flirts with girls, and Ringabel pretending to be confident and not realizing he sucks at it until he actually tries it on someone he wants like Tiz.

Request 2: スタミュ: 高校星歌劇 | Starmyu | High School Star Musical
Requested ships: Kuga Shuu/Tengenji Kakeru, Hoshitani Yuuta/Tatsumi Rui, Hoshitani Yuuta/Tengenji Kakeru, Ageha Riku/Hoshitani Yuuta

Request 3: 終末のイゼッタ | Shuumatsu no Izetta | Izetta: The Last Witch (Anime)
Requested ships: Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt/Izetta

I'm okay with violence here, including explicit violence, as well as death, as long as the main characters of the fic don't die.

Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt/Izetta:
Things I'd love for this ship: mermaid AU; AU where one of them is a kami/dragon/goddess (and with a fondness for the other); darker AU where Izetta a lot stronger and maybe she comes to control the world, willing to do anything for Finé?; AU where Finé is the witch (maybe Izetta travels to this world); post-canon where Earth starts to slowly regenerate magic again, replenishing the leylines, and Izetta realizes she's still a witch (does she hide it? does anyone else notice? does she only tell Finé?)

Request 4: 魔法少女育成計画 | Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)
Requested ships: Hatoda Ako | Hardgore Alice/Himekawa Koyuki | Snow White, Ashuu Shizuku | Weiss Winterprison/Habutae Nana | Sister Nana, Murota Tsubame | Top Speed/Sazanami Kano | Ripple

I'm all caught up on the light novels, so don't be afraid to delve past the anime plot.

Possible AUs: other magical girl animanga, mermaid(s), dragon(s), witch(es), fantasy AU (like princess or princesses)/other kind of magical AU (like a mythical creature such as unicorn/kami/etc)

Violence is okay here if you want to write it! Death scenes are okay, as well as suicide. I've read the light novels, and I'm all caught up on them, so if you want to refer to further canon, I won't be spoiled.

Nemurin/Snow White:
Things I'd love for this ship: Nemurin entering Snow White's dream; canon divergence where Nemurin somehow lives (or at least lives to a longer point); PMMM AU; mermaid AU.

Hardgore Alice/Snow White:
Things I'd love for this ship: canon divergence where Alice lives (I was kinda disappointed in how she died; maybe she chooses to stay in her magical girl form to be safe? She didn't have much of a will to live before, so I find it believable for her to leave school); magical girl AU; fantasy AU (like princess or princesses)/other kind of magical AU (like a mythical creature like unicorn/mermaid/kami/etc); something involving Alice's devotion to Snow White; shapeshifter AU. I also think a puella magi madoka magica AU fusion would be interesting; what if one of them is pulled into a time loop like Homura's, but they travel either plotline (or both? what if one of them goes through both worlds somehow?)

Request 5: Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening
Requested ships: My Unit | Reflet | Robin/Velvet | Panne (Awakening), Chrom/Guire | Gaius (Awakening), Chrom/Frederick (Awakening), Frederick/Male My Unit | Robin (Awakening), Female My Unit | Robin/Lucina (Awakening), Female My Unit | Robin/Tiamo | Cordelia (Awakening)

I prefer the avatar/my unit be called Robin. Also, I prefer Robin be female for shipping with Panne (but if your writing preference is male Robin, then go ahead, I don't want to hinder your creativity! It's not a squick, just a preference).

Thank you for reading!

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