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Learning HTML/Improving Dear Creator Letters

I've had this yuletide dear creator letter saved for a long time since I've admired it for how structured and organized it is. I'm absolutely terrible with html, and searching online for help with learning html just brings up complicated stuff that's not friendly to beginners, and it goes over my head. And when I find html guides in simple terms, they only list the absolute basics that I already know, so it's not helpful either. So I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on learning html (relevant to the letter I linked)? Or just offering some code that shows up in the letter would be fine, really. I don't even think I know how to make bullet-point lists properly; they never show up right to me.
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[community profile] tofuhouse has a pretty good tutorial here: (:
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shoot, i got that mixed up with another one. here's an html guide though:

as for the html in the yuletide letter, a lot of the headers are done with a code similar to this:
<h1 style="font-weight:bold; font-variant:small-caps; text-align: center; letter-spacing: .2em; font-family:Palatino Linotype; background:#b6dec8; color:#000000;">Kinks</h1>

the <h1> is html for headers (if you implement it in a dw post you can see how it comes up), which is changed with the style="" bit! in the double quotes you can further customize it like argylepiratewd did, with the font weight, text align, font family, background color, etc. like you can see they did in the code. there's a lot of options for this, some of which are listed here!

creating separate parts of a single page that you can jump to via links is done by putting <a name="name"></a> in the section that you want to jump to, and then linking it (within the same page) with <a href="#name">.

like the yuletide letter has a section with kinks - you can see in the link that it has that #kinks section tacked on at the end. it jumps to the place in the page where in the code argylepiratewd put the code <a name="kinks"> in order to create that section to jump to.

i hope this helps in some way!