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Press Start - The 3rd Birthday

This is a dear creator letter for Press Start - The 3rd Birthday. The requested fandoms are: Bravely Default, Granblue Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Star Fox, Stella Glow, Fate/Grand Order, Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, Pokémon, and Winterbells.
Dear Writer,

Thank you for signing up for this exchange! We matched, so that means you have good taste. I'm easy to please, just stay away from my do not want list and I'll be happy. And to clarify if you're new to exchanges: you only have to pick one ship, you don't have to do all of them. Sorry that my dnw list is so long, but I want to be as specific as possible to avoid problems. Also, I apologize if I don't have prompts for every ship; that doesn't mean I'm less enthused about those ships! Some ships were just easy to prompt. If we matched and you want to write gen, go ahead, don't let ship talk fool you, I'll be just as happy receiving gen.

Do Not Want List (exceptions are stated in the specific fandom/ship sections below:

  • violence; death; serious injury
  • infidelity; jealousy; unrequited love
  • sexual content; discussion of asexuality/aromanticism
  • side ships; past ships
  • age gap. (Age swap is okay!) If it already exists in canon (i.e. a 4 yr gap, etc) then that's ok, but don't stretch gaps out to be bigger than canon.
  • anything related to drinking; drugs; tattoos; piercings; raves; rock concerts; disneyland.
  • fake dating
  • calling any char a mom, dad, parent figure, grandparent, etc whether or not it's a joke. Avoid family stuff. The exceptions are Fire Emblem (where characters canonically become parents/families) and Crash Bandicoot (since they're literally family)
  • truth or dare; spin the bottle
  • these specific AUs: police; fireman; teacher/parent or teacher/student (teacher/teacher or professor/professor would be great though!); pirate; dance; rock band; medical; A/B/O; office; military; friends with benefits; gang/mafia; punk; sugar daddy
  • if you choose to do an orchesta/ensemble AU: please don't make every character a violinist/cellist. I'd like wind instruments too.
  • chatfic. I actually love certain formats of chatfic but ah, I think it'll be easier to just avoid them altogether instead of explaining.
  • these specific crossover fusions: Pacific Rim; Tokyo Ghoul; Steven Universe; Attack on Titan

There're some technical things I want to avoid, please. I'm mentally disabled so some things make it a lot harder to read yet they're easy to avoid in writing:

  • if you're writing a fic that's long (~more than 15k), please divide it into chapters
  • avoid italicizing entire paragraphs. It's hard to understand that. A few words at a time is fine.
  • using skins/styles that turn the text into different colors

General Likes:

  • pining where the older char is the one pining
  • relationship study; introspection
  • first dates
  • established relationship
  • anything related to snow; cold weather; rain; cloudy weather; neopets; birds; bunnies; lucid dreaming
  • alternate timeline; canon divergence
  • kissing lessons
  • gift giving little things, maybe spontaneously
  • anything involving devotion
  • long distance relationships (please try not to focus on how much the chars want to be physically next to each other to make out or touch each other; i'm really interested in how chars talk to each other about their day, what they send that reminds them of the other, personal thoughts they send that maybe they wouldn't be able to do in person, how they comfort e/o, how they're e/o's favorite person and they reassure the other abt it, getting nervous over phone calls, etc); long distance friendships that turn into relationships
  • magical realism; modern fantasy; nature magic
  • touch sensitivity
  • AUs: dragons (especially if one of them is the dragon somehow instead of just dragons being involved; doesn't matter if they shapeshift or not); god/mortal; angel/demon; angel/human; demon/human; royalty/servant; royalty/knight; knight/servant; Japanese mythology; idols; orchestra or marching band; superheroes; youkai
  • crossover fusions: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (death/violence is okay in this crossover; I'd prefer girl characters for this crossover); Bravely Default; Hatoful Boyfriend; Pokémon; Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Fates, Awakening, or Heroes); Harvest Moon; Rune Factory 4; Animal Crossing; Humanity Has Declined; Boku no Hero Academia; Cardcaptor Sakura; Granblue Fantasy (both of the following are good: either the characters literally living in that world, or just players in an MMORPG); Stella Glow; 7th Dragon III (death/violence is okay in this crossover); Magical Girl Raising Project (death/violence is okay in this crossover; I'd prefer girl characters for this crossover)
  • shapeshifting into birds

Request: Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
Requested characters: Edea Lee, Agnès Oblige, Magnolia Arch, Yew Geneolgia, Janne Angard
Preferred ships: Edea Lee/Agnès Oblige, Magnolia Arch/Edea Lee, Janne Angard/Yew Geneolgia, Magnolia Arch/Agnès Oblige

For ships, I'd love any of them going shopping, spending time together alone, visiting Florem, or fighting together.

Agnès Oblige/Edea Lee:

Things I'd love for this ship: mermaid AU; magical girl AU; mutual pining (maybe during the time Agnés is held captive in Bravely Second, and Edea is trying to rescue her).

I would love for them to bond over a dinner, eating food and maybe they’re on a date but they don’t realize it. Or they both secretly have trouble with guys and don’t have attraction to them but realize that they’re attracted to each other? I’d also really love to see fluff between them, especially in the snow or sitting inside when it’s raining. Or them in Florem, exploring and looking at pretty flowers and wares, considering buying things for each other, and thinking the other is beautiful.

Or comfort between them. Edea has issues from her family, which should make her clash with Agnés if she had stayed behind with her parents, but now that they’re friends maybe Edea feels bad about her family’s values? Or something else about the whole concept of traveling between worlds and their other selves dying and stuff; maybe that gets too existential for one of them, it scares them and they don’t know how they feel or what to do about the future, and the other comforts them.

Another good comfort topic would be Agnés finding out Airy is actually evil. She’s shocked that her close friend is really not on her side at all, and Edea gets defensive and tells Agnés it’s not her fault, and Edea turns to Airy and gets mad (or make up your own consequences).

Edea Lee/Magnolia Arch:

Things I'd love for this ship: Instead of Yew giving Magnolia the flower and accidentally proposing, Edea gives it to her (and therefore accidentally proposes; I'm really interested in the consequences of this, such as Magnolia only getting flustered for Edea instead of Yew); mermaid AU; magical girl AU.

Janne Angard/Yew Geneolgia:

Of course, there might be angst with these two. I'd like them to somehow work through the distance between them; maybe Janne regrets the betrayal.

Magnolia Arch/Agnés Oblige:

What if Magnolia found the girl's voice in the necklace to be beautiful? Or what if, when she meets Agnés in person, she doubles down and swears to protect her, not just because she's beautiful, but because she's developed a lot of feelings for her after talking to her through Yew's necklace?

Request 2: Granblue Fantasy
Requested characters: Lyria, Djeeta, Ange, Rosetta, Katalina, Yggdrasil
Preferred ships: Ange/Djeeta, Djeeta/Katalina, Djeeta/Lyria, Djeeta/Rosetta, Djeeta/Yggdrasil, Kataline/Rosetta, Rosetta/Yggdrasil

I prefer Djeeta and Lyria be 18 years old or older, especially if you're writing romance; I personally see them with these ages. Also, I watched the anime, and I love how Djeeta was shown as strong and effortlessly dispatches enemies, so if you don't know how to interpret Djeeta's character, you can use that.


In one of her fate episodes, her "fiancé" mentions that the protag is his rival. What if Ange comes to realize something along these lines -- that Djeeta is every bit a fitting prince? What if her dream changes from wanting to protect someone that needs protecting, to wanting to protect someone that protects her too? (I love mutual reciprocation/devotion...)


They have their lives connected by a magical bond, so I'd love to see how that plays out romantically. Can they hear each other's thoughts/feel each other's emotions?


One thing I loved about granblues that never shows up in the game canon is Rosetta wanting to be a princess. What if she teases Djeeta around with that? (Or just teases Djeeta in general.) Even if Djeeta can be a powerful person/warrior, I'd love to see her flustered over Rosetta. Lay on the flirting. Or maybe Rosetta doesn't intentionally flirt.


I saw Yggdrasil's first fate ep, so I know some basic stuff about her dynamic with the crew. I'd love to see some stuff with Djeeta showing Yggdrasil around, and Yggdrasil is very curious about everything (and maybe earnest with her feelings/emotions?) Yggdrasil can't speak or understand words, and I LOVE the dynamic of a relationship where there's a barrier of wordlessness and they can communicate through emotional energies (which especially works with Yggdrasil since she's a primal), so...go wild with exploring communication magic.


I can see similar stuff happening as I described with Djeeta/Rosetta.


I can see similar stuff happening as I described with Djeeta/Yggdrasil. However, since these two have a naturally deeper relationship, I'd love to see how this influences the romance (as well as how the crew views them both). When Yggdrasil starts acting shy around her, how does Rosetta react?

But please...get rid of the sister theme between them.

Request 3: Crash Bandicoot
Requested characters: Crash, Coco, Polar, Pura

Gen times! I've always loved this game series and replayed them often, but I never shipped any of them. I don't like anything that happens in games outside of the first three, CTR, and Crash Bash, so please don't write about those. Crash Twinsanity is an exception, but I feel like I have to mention this separately since it's so much newer compared to the old games. You can also bring in Crunch/Wrath of Cortex, but I never finished that game so I don't have an opinion on it. I consider Tag Team Racing OOC for them (especially Crash). I have no interest in later Crash games and I barely know anything about them.

Where did Polar and/or Pura come from? Why are they so attached to Coco and Crash? If you want to talk about CTR (Crash Team Racing) that'd be hilarious, since Polar and Pura do drive in the game, and the opening has Polar reading a book on how to drive (but the book's upside down). ...How did they learn how to drive? How did Crash learn how to?

When it comes to Crash's personality, I consider him pretty silent, but not nearly as idiotic as he appears in Tag Team Racing (he's uh...barely recognizable there to me; he's just not the same. I mean, he's still silent but all he does is make farting noises and ogle Pasadena. Coco isn't even the same). Twinsanity's Crash is perfect when it comes to silliness. There, he's funny because of how oblivious and hopeless he can be, like using Cortex as a snowboard. He has the strong versatility of a hero (although that's dubious) so it works. In the first three games he's also funny sometimes because of his laziness or...some other indescribable quality that I don't know how to put into words. I don't want to say "randomness." Speaking of Twinsanity, how did Crash develop from the first three games into the Crash of Twinsanity? How much time has passed? What has Aku Aku been doing the whole time; has he been guiding/teaching/taking care of them, or did he leave at some point?

One time in the middle of a Warped replay, I stopped collecting crystals/gems and just went into and out of levels for the fun of it. After a while of this, Aku Aku intervened and gave me a stern lecture on how the world's future is at stake, and I should stop. I was incredibly young at the time so this terrified the hell out of me, but looking back at it now, I wonder how Crash and Coco would've felt if this really happened to them.

If you want to do short thing(s)/series of vignettes: How about the many ways in which Crash "dies"? Some of them are ridiculous. In Warped, there's a level where someone slashes Crash's pants off, revealing his boxers, and he gets embarrassed. Fill in the scenes. How does Crash feel? What happens after that? Does Aku Aku intervene (probably with deep sighs of exasperation)?

In a similar vein: How does Crash/Coco feel when an enemy has to become an ally, like in Crash Bash/CTR? There are lots of enemies joining their ranks in CTR, so I must imagine it's strange to have to race alongside Dingodile, Tiny, N. Gin, Pinstripe, and...Penta Penguin. He's not an enemy but I'd also love to see how Crash and Coco interact with him. He's kind of out of nowhere, but he's also a penguin, and penguins appear in Crash 2 (and also Warped, I think?), so he's also kind of everywhere at the same time if you think about it. Do they recognize that he might be a penguin they've met before? How does Penta treat the four of them?

Speaking of penguins, did any of them ever play with the penguins when they appeared before? (Also, why does Crash die in the games just by touching them and other seemingly harmless animals?)

I mentioned before that I really love birds, so here's a ridiculous premise to end this fandom prompt: what if Cortex turns them all into birds? Or something else does it to them; I wouldn't be surprised if some ancient artifact/magic did it.

Request 4: Star Fox
Requested characters: Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Wolf O'Donnel
Preferred ships: Falco/Fox, Fox/Wolf

I'll be honest, I've only played Star Fox 64(3D) and Command. I don't care about spoilers so go ahead and include stuff from other games if you want, but I enjoy 64 and I'd love to see some stuff about the events in the game, scenes between events, or maybe something post-canon before other games happen.

Request 5: Stella Glow
Requested characters: Anastasia, Giselle, Lisette, Hilda, Dante, Alto
Preferred ships: Alto/Dante, Anastasia/Hilda, Anastasia/Lisette, Giselle/Hilda, Giselle/Lisette, Hilda/Lisette

I loved so much about this game. It ended up becoming really important to me, and the more I looked into the game, the more it became so. The most important things for me, in terms of what can be written, revolve around worldbuilding/setting, so if you have ideas on how to expand on stella glow’s world, go ahead, I’d love to see more! I’d love ANYTHING that elaborates on the science behind music and magic. Combining them together, how they’re related to each other (or to science, or if magic and music are already considered sciences), having Veronica come up with new history/terminology, etc. Also most important are the female characters in any form, so go wild there, too!

Some ideas I have:
  • Cartesia doesn’t try to take over the moon after mother qualia is tuned. I always thought it was strange that she tried to do that despite already being defeated. So, let’s pretend that she was truly defeated (died, maybe). What happens next in this scenario? How does Eve react to her first time on Earth (especially in the middle of the Tuning Knights’ homecoming)? How do people treat Eve? Do the Tuning Knights tell the truth about her? And if you don’t think Cartesia should die (she just doesn’t take over the moon), what happens to her? In summary, I’d like to see a scenario where Eve doesn’t have to sing for eternity.
  • On the other hand: What is it like to sing for eternity? What sustains her? Does she derive some power from the moon to do it? I think this is a good idea if you’d like to do something short.
  • A different take on tuning. Go for anything! What if tuning didn’t involve a battle? I love the way tuning involves emotions and talking through problems to achieve healthier emotional solutions, but maybe there’s a different mechanism alongside that, that doesn’t require battling.
  • Giselle. I love the idea of a fallen angel, and I also love that angels are actually programmed robots. Go the way of introspection, or maybe try to do some kind of character study through the eyes of another character.
  • Another idea on Giselle: What is her life like after the world is saved? Does she have to see Veronica for health checkups? Does she help Veronica learn more about angels, so she can apply that information in other research? What are Veronica’s thoughts on angels, since she’s a technolomy? Does she know angels inside out because she’s a technolomy, and she has leftover information on them from all those years ago (and therefore sees no need to research them, but at the same time, finds Giselle’s new existence as a free-will angel intriguing)?
  • One more idea on Giselle: I know from her conversations that she has a fake qualia. What if she has to be “tuned" for some reason? Maybe it’s not exactly "tuning,” but it’s the robot/angel equivalent, and she has corruptions building up because she has free will now. And does this mean free will is the reason for the accumulation of corruption and negativity? What is the tuning process like for an angel/what’s her spirit world like? What happens if she isn’t tuned?
  • Hilda! Maybe character study/introspection on her life after Elcrest went to sleep, but before Alto awakened? What’s it like living for so long with a “stopped clock”?
  • Kill Alto off. What if he died in the middle of the apocalyptic mayhem, when Klaus first showed his true colors? What if the witches can actually compensate without a conductor? Maybe involve some magical and musical stuff that explains how they can connect together and support each other’s music/magic without a conductor (as in: make stuff up). I’m really interested in this kinda thing! Anything that bends the rules a little on magic/music is cool to me! Maybe Hilda leads, since she’s the time witch, and time is important for music and leading it, so she can fill role of conductor…? Maybe someone from the sidelines becomes the new conductor through some magical process (what if Giselle or Anastasia?), or maybe the witches’ magic together creates something akin to conductor power?
  • Alternatively: What if Alto/Elcrest never existed in the first place? What if a conductor is randomly chosen from among the people living in the time that the game’s timeframe begins? This is where you can create an OC! I’d love it if your OC was female, especially if femslash with the witches happened. Are they the new conductor? Or is Lisette conductor, and the OC the water witch? How is a conductor chosen? Is it the same mechanism that allows witches to be chosen by qualia (the conductor gets the celestial qualia)? I mean, if Elcrest DID die, how would the conductor magic continue to exist anyway...
  • Save Anastasia. Suppose Klaus never got to kill her. What would that look like? Does someone step in to save her? And later, how does she react to everything — the ongoing apocalypse, Marie being a witch, the world being saved? Detailing how she reacts to everything would be nice, since she never got to in the canon.
  • Relocate Anastasia to a different role. I already gave this suggestion, kinda, but what if she’s conductor? And she falls in love with one of the witches? (Also, what if Alto is king of Regnant instead?)
  • A different kind of apocalypse. What if Hilda won? The entire world (or most of it), encased in crystal…? Does she ever discover the truth about Klaus? Does Klaus thank her (and does she get angry in return)? Does Alto still stay alive, along with the other witches? How does Marie react?
  • Inside the previous scenario: What if Alto + witches still find each other? Detail what that would be like, meeting each other under the circumstances of an apocalypse, instead of the original circumstances that they all met.
  • Still inside that Hildapocalypse scenario: what if Hilda achieves god status from encasing the world in crystal? Do people fear her and begin to worship her throughout the ages? Or do they love her for keeping the population at a sustainable amount (or love her for some other reason)? Does a new legend/mythos arise in this timeline, detailing how Hilda became to be a god? How does she feel about all this? What if the crystallization changes the emotional nature of the world so much that something happens to music/magic (maybe crystals vibrate or exude energy somehow and achieve something new)? Maybe everyone can go back to singing again. Maybe she somehow can turn into a dragon now.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica fusion/crossover/interpretation. What if Hilda has to repeat an event over and over to save the world/someone? (I’d prefer if she saved a woman instead of Alto, if you go that route) What if Kyubey appears? What if he’s the reason technolomies developed qualia? Or what if Stella Glow is a legend/myth in the puella magi world, including describing the lives of the characters, and a magical girl discovers tuning? Can it save them from having their soul gems become corrupted? Or what if Stella Glow witches discover that if they let their qualia become corrupted, they turn into the true nature of witches: labyrinthine beings that kill people? Anything even vaguely inspired by PMMM would be awesome! Or also incredibly inspired by it (maybe the female chars are flat out fused into PMMM universe and are magical girls).
  • One of the most important messages in this game, for me, is that the emotions of humanity built up and corrupted mother qualia/Eve, and resulted in suicidal emotion, yet mother qualia/Eve can still be saved; there is still hope. Go along those lines. I’m okay with heavy stuff in the suicide vein, as long as a message of hope is there somehow.
  • Sense Data! She appeared in the normal ending, and she has hair similar to Eve and Marie iirc. She also seemed to address Marie as a princess. What’s the connection?
  • Or maybe you just want to do something with Sense Data that doesn’t involve a specific prompt or direction. That’d be cool too.
  • I listened to the soundtrack before I played the game, so I developed a different understanding of the songs before I experienced them playing out in the context of the plot. I’m curious: how do you think the characters respond to the musical content of the Celestial Hymn? It sounds similar to the Anthem. When I first listened to both songs, I didn’t sense anything weird about them, but after i went through the plot, I associated the Anthem with a creepy eerie feeling along the lines of the apocalypse, and I got chills listening to it. How do the girls respond to this? Are they wary of the song because of its similarities to the Anthem?
  • How do people respond to song magic/music in general? Expand on the musical possibilities. Maybe each witch is capable of so much more songs than the game. What if one of them had a song that directly affects emotions? Or can temporarily control people’s minds? What if a song could create illusions that even confuses angels? Or summon animals/mythical creatures? What if they could create new songs with stories in them, and the stories can come to life and therefore they can summon fictional people? How is Giselle affected by music? Does she like it? Does it affect her abilities?
  • AU/canon divergence where Alto loses to Elcrest, so Elcrest takes over his body to fight
  • Elcrest reveals in the past he also sang (maybe used song magic too?).

Any of these things don’t even need a real plot, if you end up pressed for time. Maybe you’d like to try experimental style (I love experimental style, don’t be shy!) or maybe you just go through a brief scene that highlights something from an idea above.

Or you can do something else entirely, too. I just really love this game.

Request 6: Fate/Grand Order
Requested ships: Female Player Character/Mash Kyrielight, Jeanne d'Arc/Mash Kyrielight

Request 7: Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
Requested ships: Hector/Eliwood, Lyn/Florina

Request 8: Pokemon Sun & Moon
Requested ships: Lillie/Moon, Hau/Sun, Gladion/Hau, Gladion/Sun

If you want to write about Lillie, I'd prefer that her mother doesn't appear, unless you choose to do canon divergence where she stands up for herself more and defies her mother more (especially if she actually gets angry). I personally feel like the game made Lillie too soft/a pushover against her mother.

Request 9: Winterbells
Requested characters: Bird, Bunny

Winterbells really hits the spot of nostalgia for me; I remember playing it in my first year of college, when a friend introduced it to me. I was always intrigued by the bird that appears. Are they friends? How did they meet? Why does Bunny reach for the sky? Are the bells filled with magic?

Thank you for reading!

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