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Hey to whoever's reading this: I made my 2017 resolution to remake my DW and actually use it! My last two were ugly messes, even though I almost always only used them for dear creator letters. I want to use this journal to participate more in DW fandom. I got burned out from tumblr and twitter, so I feel like putting my crap somewhere would be appropriate, but not in a place everyone can easily see. This way, only people who go out of their way to check can be bothered by junk. (This also forces me to relearn and actually remember some very basic html.)

Fandoms, Ships, and Fannish Interests

I hope to use this DW for: finally participating in DW-only events (like bingo stuff, writing memes, snowflake challenge, flash fiction comm, etc) which I never really did before; and posting writing process posts, because I've seen yuletiders do it over the years and I enjoy reading them, it's nice to get a close look at other writers' writing process (and also remember what I even did to achieve something in my own processes).

For all intents and purposes treat me like I've never used DW. I've forgotten almost everything I know.

My name's Rowena! I'm female, cis, and white-passing. I live in the US; New York and California (I go to school in NY, but return to CA for winter and summer). I'm 23 years old, and I'm Mexican American.

I'm autistic, physically disabled, and mentally disabled. Health stuff can get really personal (I think this post is pretty personal, anyway), so I don't plan on posting that much about my health (at least unlocked posts), so this'll be the extent of health stuff. I like to disclose some things, though, since a lot of people are unfamiliar with disability, so I'll do it in one go. It's much easier to break up my health stuff into a list, so here it is:

physical health
disability: fibromyalgia
  • lots of muscle cramps; to the point that I can’t walk sometimes
  • constant widespread body pain 24/7
  • I feel pain when people touch me. I'm usually unable to touch anyone.
  • I jerk and twitch a lot
  • I feel intense pain if I stay still for too long. I have to constantly shift around, and it feels as important as breathing. this doesn’t stop even when I sleep.
  • butterfly rashes (the skin under my eyes turns red and very warm)
  • I have to sleep 10+ hours a day
  • sometimes my feet hurt so much that i’m unable to leave my bed at all for a long time.
chronic illness: costochondritis
  • constant rib pain. affects what clothes i can wear. most of the time i’m not actually wearing a bra, since it digs into my ribs
  • sometimes it’s painful to breathe (I had to quit being a musician because of this)
chronic illness: anemia
  • I’m very weak when I have blood drawn, when I’m on my period, and sometimes for no reason
chronic illness: hypothyroidism
  • constant fatigue
chronic illness(es): redacted diseases
  • digestive system/organ problems. this is probably the most dangerous thing on this list. what are they? you'll never know.
unknown reason/source
  • no sense of smell

mental disability
disability: fibromyalgia. some of this kinda overlaps with my autism I guess.
  • brain fog most of the time. i feel confused often; sometimes i get dizzy. when I'm in a brain fog, I feel everything on this list below.
  • incredibly sensitive to light and noise. i get extreme headaches from them. i wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy, and i need to be in near darkness a lot of the day. i change every website setting to dark.
  • i mix up words, letters, numbers, people, images, buttons, etc. (anything that can be mixed up). Not only is this a visual problem, but it’s an audial one as well; i can hear a completely different sentence from what people say.
  • i have an incredibly bad short term memory. i always need to hear instructions several times, and sometimes I pause in the middle of crossing the street because i’ve forgotten where i am/what i’m doing.
  • i constantly misunderstand what people intend with what they say. i have trouble talking with almost all people, from professors to my close friends. (this is easier to handle online, at least)

I used to play trumpet (I started in 2005, and stopped in 2013). I also used to play piano and ukulele. I used to perform in parades (such as at Disneyland), and when I moved to New York, I used to play at sports games (including places like madison square garden; we appeared on television sports channels). I was also in a marching band, in both high school and university. In middle school and high school, I used to arrange music in video game sites and make them into MIDIs. Now I just collect MIDIs.

I study neurobiology in university. I'm a senior; I started uni in fall 2012, took a health leave from fall 2014-fall 2015 (for 3 semesters), returned in spring 2016, and I'm graduating in spring 2018.

I love birds and dragons. My DW icon is Clantail from Magical Girl Raising Project (Restart arc). My ao3/dreamwidth username comes from two fandoms: Bravely Default (Edea Lee's name; it's a pun on the word "ideally") and Stella Glow (the word/concept "qualia"). My current DW theme is calling card by bakesale. My fandoms are various animanga and video games now. Haikyuu!! would be the fandom I call home, except I'm a little anxious of it and all big fandoms, so I stick my head in the ground and try to avoid the majority of fandom on tumblr/twitter while I write. I'm currently in the small niche of Shiratorizawa for the most part (especially ushishira and shirabu ships, and excluding ushiten/semishira/semiten with some exceptions). I love talking about MGRP! I should probably make a proper list of fandoms I'm in, eventually.

I have a poodle named Missy. She has her own twitter now. She's my only pet, and she lives in California. We both love watermelon.

Feel free to ask to swap 3DS friend codes! I'll exchange with anyone. I'm also pretty open to friending people here and adding you to the access list. Very few of my posts are locked, but some will be. You don't have to grant access back if you don't want to; I don't expect to share anything intensely personal anyway, so I don't have much to lose/hide (stuff like which cons I go to in case you're going too, etc). If we share a fandom I'll be happy to grant access/subscribe, especially if it's a fandom I've already written fic for (that shows I love the fandom) or if it's Magical Girl Raising Project.

3DS: 2964-8608-7163
Fire Emblem Heroes: 0019940130.
Granblue Fantasy: 15064872. (I'm most active here!)
Fate/Grand Order: 283,759,237.
My name's Rowena on all above platforms.

I'm happy to befriend and meet people who are multifandom! I find variety refreshing. It's nice seeing other fandoms on my feed. It makes me happy, for some reason. I'm open to recs for animanga/video games, as well as books. I'm also very interested in seeing posts on writing, even if you're talking about your own writing process, that makes me happy too. You can comment on this post to introduce yourself; especially helpful if you want to strike up a DW friendship without knowing where to start!

Fandom CV. This is a list of dreamwidth/ao3 events I participated in, along with summative things. Fandoms listed are only the fandoms I wrote fics for.

[community profile] fan_flashworks

Main Fandoms: Haikyuu!!, Granblue Fantasy, Magical Girl Raising Project
Side Fandoms: Boku no Hero Academia, Clockwork Planet
Notable Works:Events:

Main Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Side Fandoms: Fire Emblem Awakening, Spyro, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Boku no Hero Academia, birdsrightsactivist (Twitter), WIXOSS, Bravely Default
Notable Works:
  • Starfire, a gen character study on Uraraka from Boku no Hero Academia
  • Mountain and Sea, a Haikyuu!! fic that describes my feelings on touch repulsion re: my disability (but without actually bringing disability up). Also my longest fic, favorite fic, and longest ushishira centric fic in existence

Main Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Side Fandoms: Day Break Illusion, Rune Factory 4, Gatchaman Crowds, Bravely Default, Hatoful Boyfriend, Kid Icarus
Notable Works:
  • Wake, a gen Day Break Illusion fic that illustrates how I want to write about dreams

Main Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Side Fandoms: Bravely Default, Hatoful Boyfriend, Noragami, Log Horizon, Gatchaman Crowds, Day Break Illusion

Unfortunately info is unavailable, since I was using a different ao3 and DW account during this time. And before that, I was on various sites, and I can't track that. My fandom past is too scattered to remember and summarize it all. I spent some time in Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon over at FFN.

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