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ideallyqualia ([personal profile] ideallyqualia) wrote2017-07-10 10:37 pm
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Amazon Prime Day

Today, apparently, there was a glitch on amazon prime where several PS4 video games were temporarily $13 or $7 (including the new Crash trilogy, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and KH 1.5+2.5). My sister and I tried doing it, but she took so long coming online to talk (since we're on opposite sides of the US right now) that we actually lost out on the deal. Too bad. I'm not exactly complaining since I already have Crash, the original KH games instead of the remixes/remastered ones, and a bunch of other games, but I'm still pretty out of the loop on newer KH content so that would've been nice. I heard several other things were ridiculously cheap today (probably also via glitch) but my desire for material goods is so low nowadays that I can't bring myself to care about anything other than niche hard to find merch and video games I already have.

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