Feb. 3rd, 2017

Phone Games

Feb. 3rd, 2017 12:43 am
ideallyqualia: (Default)
I started playing Fire Emblem Heroes! I got to Chapter 4 and then ran out of stamina, so I can't play for a while. Fingers crossed I get Frederick or Lucina in gacha.

I also want to start playing Granblue Fantasy, but for some reason it won't work on my computer. And I feel like if I'm going to put in any extra work to make it happen, I might as well go the extra mile and play it on mobile, but I have no idea if the English version is mobile too. Does anyone play this game?

Anyway now that femslash february's under way, I really want to give halfamoon a go, but I'm still swamped with exchange and fan week stuff for february. Maybe I'll do it late.


ideallyqualia: (Default)

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