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Summer vacation's on its way!

I'm so excited for this summer! I'm staying in New York (upstate) in my current uni lodging instead of going to California, and the liberty I get to have from being away from family is already such a huge motivation. I want to permanently move here to the east coast, but I need financial security before doing anything big like that, so for now, I am very happy with this.

Anyway I think one problem I have with consistently using DW is that I have no idea what to actually put in posts. I think I mainly just used old DW/LJ accounts to comment. Hopefully I can think of stuff to post once finals are over.

What I've always admired about DW, though, is that there aren't "notes," compared with tumblr. I'm not a fan of having a lot of attention. I don't like seeing lots of numbers and stats on posts, I feel like that's ripe for people comparing themselves with each other on quantitative stuff, and I'm also not that comfortable with signs of popularity, like having a ton of followers. When I used to have a twitter, I really liked following more accounts than I had followers. Stuff like that. It makes me comfortable, for some reason. I don't like seeing hits on fics, either (ao3 lets me hide them on my works, but for some reason it won't hide them on others' fics, I can still see the hits, despite selecting the option in my preferences). I also feel a bit weird about not agreeing with the "give authors comments, they love them no matter what!" idea, because while I do like getting comments, I hate getting rude ones, and I'd rather get less or none at all then get those rude ones. It drives me up the wall. I don't want people to comment just for the sake of commenting, either, they shouldn't have to push themselves into small talk. I just don't like the idea that authors are desperate for comments and will take what they can get. We have standards, y'know? I've ended up deleting a lot of comments because I don't care about stats, and I don't want to have to deal with seeing certain content every time I check on a fic and decide to go into the comment section.

I also tend to delete comments that I just find weird. Sometimes people comment to ask a question that's been answered in the author's notes, meaning they clearly didn't read it, and that drives me crazy. Also a little disconcerting, since I sometimes give warnings about upcoming spoilers, brief explanations for AUs, warnings on what not to say in a comment, etc., and this makes me aware that people aren't reading the notes. I understand not wanting to read a ton of author's notes -- I'm mentally disabled, so I keep that, tags, and summaries as brief as possible for accessibility purposes because I understand others might have problems too -- but... I dunno what else to do there, that's not my fault.

Now that I think about it, I could probably write a post just on the wild and weird comments/bookmarks I've gotten, that'd be a good thing to talk about, but also it's late and I'm falling asleep, so that'll be for another day.

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