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Comments: Halls of Shame and Fame

The other day I said I'd do a post about rude comments. Since I just delete rude comments, I don't remember them well so I can't be that specific. Even if I hate them, I don't want to focus on negativity too much, so I also want to say what some of my favorite comments are.

Rude Comments

Here's a rude one: I remember this one because it wasn't just rude, it was bizarre. Within a minute or two of posting a fic, once, someone commented immediately. There was no way they had time to read the whole fic. And they didn't; they said they stopped reading after the first few sentences. Apparently, I used one character's name too often. I forgot their wording but they actually implied I should've used epithets instead. Epithets. This is one reason I hate concrit: strangers can give bad advice. I get this sense of entitlement from strangers who like giving unsolicited concrit, like they think they're better than I am. Hand in hand with my self-sustained motivation and enthusiasm for writing (I don't thrive on attention at all, I will write even if literally nobody wants to read it), I have a lot of confidence and self-esteem. I think I'm a very good writer. I decide when and how to get advice, and in what areas. The main reason I hate rudeness isn't because it makes me upset, it makes me mad.

I've lost track of how many comments I've gotten that demanded updates and said nothing else. I guess that's rude. I consider it annoying. I got these kinds of comments way more on older FFN/AO3 accounts, so there's no way to know how many have come along, but even now it's still annoying.

Then there's the always unhelpful "I didn't like how this ended :///." (For people who don't know me that well, I always use ":///" to be sarcastic or to make fun of someone.) That's not concrit. That's not even close to helpful. One time someone said so in the guise of trying to give helpful concrit (except it was really pointed, the veil of helpful attitude was barely there). It's ANNOYING that someone assumed they were being helpful by just saying they didn't like the ending. It was also really annoying that they assumed I wanted (the unhelpful) concrit or that any stranger would.

The "you broke my OTP"/"you should've done this for a different ship"/"But (other character) will be mad because they belong with them!" etc is also really irritating. I don't care. I don't even understand what people think will happen by telling me this.

I've had my current ao3 for maybe 3 years now, and only twice have I needed to delete fics because of rude bookmarks. One of them was just because the ship seemed to attract bad seeds, and I've debated deleting the other fics for the ship since the shippers are generally rude. I don't like coming out and saying this of any shippers, but I can say that this ship undeniably brought rude people always asking for updates, telling me I wrote such and such wrong, and one scene bad, and that they didn't like this and that. (If you're into Haikyuu!!, the ship is kageyama/oikawa. To this day I don't understand why this happens specifically for this ship. I lost all my love for it, and I've seen other writers say the same of this ship, so I don't feel alone in this.) So I suppose it's not a surprise that that one fic ended up getting people whining that the characterization wasn't good, etc. I was surprised by getting a rude bookmark on a kuroo/oikawa fic, with similar whining. I lost my love for that ship too. Again, I can't say what the bookmarks specifically said, but it pissed me off at the time.

One type of comment I also don't like getting is someone saying that the other fics of the ship suck. That's a terrible thing to say. Even if I'm not the one being criticized, it's not praise, no matter how much a reader wants it to be. The negative vibes are there, and I get the negative vibes, period. Besides, authors of the other fics can easily find those comments, and it wouldn't be unreasonable for someone to assume it's about them.

My pokémon phase in fandom was such a long time ago, but I have to say, my Farla comment actually legitimately hurt my feelings. I was really young at the time, maybe in middle school, and a grown adult harassing me made me quit writing for a few years. If you have no idea who Farla is...well, I don't really know how to explain it, but the fact that they're an asshole is all you really need to know. Objectively, they're an asshole. And if you know who they are, I am so sorry. Looking back it's pretty easy to make fun of this person since they're a terrible human being and also really hypocritical (they honestly can't even follow their own advice, and they're wrong on a lot of things related to writing, too).

When it comes to weird comments, it's usually just...comments I don't understand. Once, someone talked in a comment about a scene that didn't even exist in the fic (they talked as if it did). I had to reread my own fic 3 times before realizing I should just give it up. This isn't necessarily rude, so I do feel guilty about deleting these kinds of comments, but I'd rather forget about them and move on.

Another bizarre comment I got once was someone telling me a fic was so good they were triggered. They clearly said it as a joke but I was so uncomfortable, and I don't understand how someone could talk to a stranger like this... That's how you talk to friends that're comfortable with ~edgy~ conversation, not someone you don't know and are never going to talk to again.

Also, I've seen tweets talking about my fics, and some of them are bad, too. It's pretty easy to find tweets that link my fic/mention the rare ship/say the title of my fic. And I have to say, you'd have to be a huge moron to say anything in public, especially if you make it easy to find. Even if I don't have a fandom twitter anymore, I still have twitters for dogs and birds, so I can still look. I know what I'm doing way more than a random stranger does, so trust me, I know best when it comes to my own writing, so yes, Tendou was supposed to tell Ushijima that, and no, oienno isn't a terrible ship, or [insert useless-topic-to-complain-about here].

A lot of these comments are old. Almost all of them happened at least last year or later. Having a comment mod wall up discourages a lot of people from what I see, but I have to say, if someone had the nerve to try to again say I wrote something ooc, I know it'd be impossible to believe. My self-esteem has grown to the point where I'm confident I'm the best at what I do, and no one knows my favorite characters more than I do. (And by this, I mean in the context of my own AUs, and nuances of characterization in my own settings.)

Favorite Comments

One of my favorite types of comments is a request for permission to translate a fic. I've heard a lot of writers say they love getting art of their fic, and I feel the same way with both art and translations (and other transformative works). I guess it's because both are works directly inspired from my own. Other forms of works would be great too, but I've never gotten anything other than art or translations, so I don't know much about them, and I'm also not really into doing anything other than writing myself. Maybe playlists? I hardly make playlists, but I think I'd love getting them for fics.

I think another favorite kind would be anything about the setting if it's an AU. I love both canon and AUs, especially when either have something to do with birds. Even more so when the reader didn't know how much they liked birds.

Another topic near and dear to my heart is Shirabu and my characterization of him. I'm a Shirabu expert (yes I am but that's another topic) so it's really heartwarming to hear. Also, I headcanon him as autistic, to the point where even if I'm not consciously keeping it in mind I still write him that way (and I'm also autistic, so I know what I'm doing).

What's even more important to me, though, is when someone comments on a fic wrt touch sensitivity, or something else that's related to my disability. Honestly I have a hard time making my disability relevant, and most of the time I don't like making it really obvious that that's what it's about, but I do love when people say something about the allusion's existence (it's usually whenever there's touch sensitivity, body pain especially bones/muscles, extreme fatigue, and memory problems). I like it when people talk about the actual thing that is the vehicle for the disability symbolism instead of trying to have a conversation on disability, though (i.e. Ushijima dusting flowers off of Shirabu's hair without touching him, talking about how much someone likes that).

Anyway...I'm not good at conversations on ao3, even with friends, so I'm not very good at replying. Other favorite comments are ones that prompt replies (which I guess is anything that's more than "I loved your fic, have a good day!"), but I don't like getting questions on stuff like "when will you update?" "Why won't you do [ship trope]?" "Will you please do [ship I haven't done yet/other sort of writing request]?" I also don't mind getting comments that just say "I loved your fic," I like them.

So I guess to sum up: I'm perfectly happy with comments where readers don't know what to say other than "I liked your fic," but I don't like comments that are demanding/sound entitled/are rude/force concrit. Which I guess is asking a lot considering I used to get them often, and people sometimes got hypocritically offended that I criticize their criticism. Also, I'm a very self-motivated writer, my plant of motivation waters itself and the village in my heart/theater of mind/what have you lives on its own crops, so comments or lack of them don't affect my likelihood of writing. I don't care if I don't get anything at all (and consider it a badge of honor to have a fic with nothing, but that never happens, I always get at least 1 kudos), so it's not really a problem that I don't expect anything, and also prefer it to some of the stuff that showed up above.

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