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ideallyqualia ([personal profile] ideallyqualia) wrote2017-05-23 09:19 pm
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Works and Fills

Here are all the fics I've made on Dreamwidth (which will probably be posted to ao3 later). This will be updated as I write other fics.


Yield | Goshiki Tsutomu/Shirabu Kenjirou | G | 2k | [community profile] fan_flashworks | dog shifter AU | now on ao3

Leaf by Leaf | Tendou Satori/Ushijima Wakatoshi | G | 4k | [community profile] fan_flashworks | magic bird neighbors AU | now on ao3

One in Kind | Shirabu Kenjirou/Ushijima Wakatoshi | G | 1k | [community profile] fan_flashworks | pokémon fusion AU | now on ao3

Granblue Fantasy

Run Away Run | Chat Noir/Walder | G | 3k | [community profile] fan_flashworks | now on ao3

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