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Unfortunately I had a really bad accident with my right hand so I have trouble writing and typing (and it's my dominant hand...). I haven't been able to do much, I can't even write in college classes, so this'll be short. I'm not sure how to warn for these things but tw for gore under the cut? It might sound horrific.

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In health related news, my bones are getting better! I don't actually feel better, but apparently, my bones are better. I also got a part time job doing research in a lab for the summer, so that takes up some of my time. I don’t know if I should count previous stuff as jobs, since they were unpaid internships and being a pollworker for one day a year, so I’ll say this is my first job. I work in a research lab studying plants. Thankfully I get to have flexible hours which is really nice with my disability.

Earlier I wrote my feelings/meta on some of the anime I'm currently watching, so I should probably post it here at DW before I forget. I'm also trying to reorganize some of my DW pages for ships, and eventually I want to post a page of WIPs (posting it in a public place will at least kick my butt in gear, right?), events/comms I participate in, and things for worldbuilding june. After I learn more basic html I'll probably just reorganize everything again, but I should still do this.

I’m currently watching Clockwork Planet, Boku no Hero Academia season 2, Granblue Fantasy, Hinako Note, SukaSuka (the name is super long so I can’t remember it, but it has to do with humans wiped out of existence), Re:Creators, Silver Guardian, Starmyu season 2, and Little Witch Academia.

Clockwork Planet. The main character, Naoto, gets on my nerves a lot. He’s a generic male protag who’s also supposedly a genius, but he did nothing to earn that. He was just born with something that makes him superior to others. He’s also set up to be an outcast because of the skill despite it making him superior, and he’s also a pervy comic-relief guy who makes bad comments about women — except only about automata women (robotic women). What caught my eye about this is the premise/worldbuilding: a world where the whole world is made out of gears. I won’t spoil anything, but I find the worldbuilding amazing. I think this genre is called clockpunk? I don’t know much about punk but I really should read some steampunk books, I’ve been meaning to (feel free to rec any books). Anyway, the setting and plot are great, especially the episode that recently aired this week. Some of the stuff makes no sense in a thought-provoking way that I love. Also, I love the secondary protag, Marie, a young girl who is a second genius (and in my opinion, the real genius of the series). And of course, I ship her with an automata. I have an AU where Naoto doesn’t exist, so Marie is the main protag, and she earns the trust of automata RyuZU instead of Naoto (this isn’t really a spoiler; Naoto finding RyuZU is discussed in most summaries of the series). While this AU undoes a lot of the thematic greatness I love about Clockwork Planet, some of that theme is already undone by the weakness of Naoto’s flat character in canon (the complementary style of Naoto + Marie is cool but Naoto himself ruins it somehow). Enough of personal hcs, though. I also really like RyuZU, and I don’t find her as tropey/tsundere as a lot of people might think she is. I find her personality unique. Marie’s might be closer to tropey, but I still love her since she earned her strength and merits, and I also think the way she acts in a lot of situations is realistic. I tried reading the manga, but translations don’t go very far, so the anime is already ahead of the translations.

Boku no Hero Academia. I’m almost caught up on the manga, so I knew what to expect coming into the anime. Since I already experienced the novelty of the content, I don’t have much to say. Except that I’m very, very happy to see Tokoyami animated. I didn’t expect Dark Shadow to have such a deep voice, but I’m still pleased either way. The fandom exploded, and I prefer avoiding big fandoms now (I’m stuck in Haikyuu!! since I’m too invested, but I don’t want a repeat of the problems I have with comments/harrassment in writing fic for it), but I did write gen character studies of Tokoyami and Uraraka (before this season aired) (and I’m very proud of both). I’ve actively tried to stifle my feelings for ships, so I don’t have any thoughts/etc on m/m ships, but I /do/ care about femslash.

Granblue Fantasy. Oh, Granblue Fantasy. I’ve been playing the game since February, and I’ve been pretty hardcore, too; despite only starting in February, I’m now already close to rank 90. Soon, hopefully, I’ll be HL (high level — above rank 100). Currently I’m in the middle of magnafes hell (and god do I mean hell, it's grueling because I'm pushing myself to quickly reach HL), which lasts until June 21 (all quests are AP half off, and some are even 0 AP, so it’s prime time for farming/grinding) and also Cinderella Girls event hell (there’s an event crossover right now with Cinderella Girls, which has now also convinced me to try playing it, or at least watch the anime). Even though I write a lot for Haikyuu!!, gbf is what’s been on my mind lately most of the time, since most of my time is now spent playing it, so I like to tell myself that gbf is now my main fandom. I write for it, and have a lot of ships already. I don’t have any long fic ideas, but currently I’m in love with shortfics, so that’s not a problem. Anyway the anime is pretty good so far; the plot doesn’t completely stick with the game story, but it does so in a way that I approve of. The anime skips on some stuff but elaborates on the stuff it does focus on, and in ways that flesh out events/world/characters nicely. Recently though it’s gone a little out of order, which does bug a lot of people, including me. I’m also not a fan of Gran being the protag (the game has two protags to choose from: Gran, male, and Djeeta, female). Since Gran is the protag in the anime, Gran/Lyria has been pushed pretty hard, and I prefer Djeeta/Lyria. Don’t get me wrong, I do ship het in the game, but not with Lyria. I really really prefer femslash with her.

Hinako Note. I haven’t watched in a while, but I liked what I saw so far: cute shy girl has trouble speaking, but animals love her, and birds follow her around. I heard later episodes get fanservicey, which is why I haven’t updated yet.

SukaSuka. I love LOVE the setting and character development in this series. I intend to read it when I get the chance (I think they’re light novels?). I am not a fan of Ctholly/Willem, I prefer her with Ithea (for reasons that would spoil the series), but I still enjoy the canon ship. Their connection is very important to the plot because of fantasy elements relevant to their…complementary natures I guess. So, Naoto and Marie thematic relationship done correctly (regardless of romance), except Ctholly and Willem are not so complementary that they complete each other’s weaknesses and strengths. I love this series so much I might write up a post just on this later to talk about what I want to explore in the world/canon, and maybe in fic. If I do write fic, it’ll be either gen or femslash.

Re:Creators. This is an anime-exclusive show as far as I know, and while the first episode is kinda cliché and handled a bit weird, the rest isn’t. This show is amazing, too, in my opinion. This show explores the possibility of characters of stories coming to life and meeting their creators, and while I think this premise has potential to be mishandled, this show handles it well. I think this hits the nail on the head when it comes to the exploration of human nature and thematic possibilities like SukaSuka. There is death (which is cliché IMO), but I tolerated it fine. I also want to try writing fic for this (maybe for yuletide?), again for either gen or femslash, but I’d want it to be more exploratory like the study of life that SukaSuka/Re:Creators canon is (I’d also want SukaSuka fic to be that too tbh).

Silver Guardian. The anime sucks. Don’t bother watching unless you don’t care about whether stuff makes sense or not (or if you’re reading the source material). I started watching without a clue what was going on, but it was interesting (and frustratingly incomplete) enough that I decided to read the Chinese comic. The anime skips out on a lot of info, jumps around to the point of confusion, and each episode is only ~10 minutes, but since I’m watching alongside reading, it’s supplementary material that’s at least enjoyable. I think the comic is interesting in terms of plot and worldbuilding, but not on the level as the other anime I discussed above, and the comic also has a lot of fan service. The opening starts with a sex scene. The translation I found is also a bit hard to understand, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s interesting enough that the trouble is worth it to me.

Starmyu. This stands for Star High School Musical, I think. Anyway I’ve been into this since first season aired (another anime exclusive series afaik), so I’m fairly invested. And the second season has done a fantastic job of building off of what the first season did. First season dealt with building friendships between protag Hoshitani and his group of fellow idols-in-training, and the second season has built off those friendships into something very satisfying. Where in the first season everyone struggled with getting along, now the group is fully supportive of Hoshitani — to the point that it’s almost a harem. First season had one slightly (and up to interpretation) romantic scene (a male character makes some sort of confession to Hoshitani), and the second season is full of them. Characters declare their heartfelt feelings toward Hoshitani and give him gifts that were important to them — and are now important to him, too. It isn’t really a competition, either; no one in their group is jealous of anyone else’s actions or feelings toward him (outside the group though there is jealousy). When Hoshitani tries to convince someone to come out of their heartbrokenness, the entire group knows he’ll do it, and they say so affectionately; they even compare him to a god in a myth. For the most part, the show handles tension/teenage drama really realistically, too, even if the developments of their musical/acting/dancing skills aren’t realistic. While Hoshitani is a generic male protag with brown hair and no outstanding skill, the show makes it refreshing, and his normalcy is made unique in a way; it’s because of his ordinary-ness that he has a charm that attracts people (this is really hard to explain until you come across the episode in season 2 where Tengenji talks about mastering the flower; there, he describes it perfectly) (the “normalcy made unique” thing also appears a bit in another series I love, Magical Girl Raising Project, but I’ll probably do a post just on that some other day, since I really love that series). He knows what to say to make people come out of their shell, even if it isn’t comfortable to say/hear. He has awkward episodes that make me want to scream from secondhand embarrassment, but it also feels like an episode is never wasted on his character development. He is the Generic Protagonist trope done well. His relatable charm brings hearts, stories, and scripts to life. And other characters end up being supportive/“interpretatively romantic” with other characters, too, not just with Hoshitani; and it all gives the show a vibe of supportive atmosphere while accommodating the tension, arguments, and messiness of teenage life. Again, all of this is hard to explain until you walk into season 2, so if it sounds weird for me to be praising ordinariness…you’ll understand if you watch.

Little Witch Academia. I can tell by ratings that this show didn’t live up to the hype/expectations that it had from its OVAs. There are plot holes, debatable pacing issues, and other weird stuff…but I still love it. All I wanted was a female-centric show about girls living in a school of witchcraft and having friendships, and that’s what I got.