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Fate/Grand Order

I forgot to mention this on the day of FGO's English release, but I downloaded it! Today I got my first 5 star (Altria Pendragon) and I finally feel accomplished about the game.

If anyone's heard about the translation -- yeah, the prologue's translation was abominable. Singularity 1 has some errors too, but not nearly as bad. (According to a panel at AX, the translation team only had 2 or 3 people, so type moon really didn't bother to care, they just wanted to hurry and release it by the start of AX as quickly and cheaply as possible.) Singularity 1's dialogue is pretty enjoyable, except for a few weird and embarrassing lines (Marie Antoinette saying "Whassup homies!" was...I don't know how to explain the experience. Even if you know nothing about her except for European history, it still doesn't sound like something she'd say). I don't want to give any spoilers, so I won't gripe about a plot point that's killing me...I might just write a fix-it fic sometime instead.

Here are all my game friend codes if anyone's interested:

3DS: 2964-8608-7163
Fire Emblem Heroes: 0019940130.
Granblue Fantasy: 15064872. (I'm most active here!)
Fate/Grand Order: 283,759,237.

My name's Rowena on all platforms. I'm interested in deresute too since I have all the girls now on gbf (from crossover events), but I'll probably take forever to try the game. I deleted enstars after a day. I might get into Princess Connect when it comes out. And I've thought about trying tsukipara, but I read translations for the moment (Arata's always been my favorite). I'm really interested in mobages focused on girls (I absolutely love the ones in gbf -- not that that one's exclusively focused on girls, but this is the series that's made me really fall in love with the female characters), but out of all mobages in existence, I think the only one I wouldn't want to try is love live. The English fandom is so gigantic that it's daunting, and I've seen too much drama to want to play; I've already had my feelings turn sour about it because of people (honestly the same is sort of happening to enstars for me).